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"Delhi NCR the growing commercial hub"

The establishment of international corporations in Delhi and NCR has led to an increase in employment opportunities, which in turn has had a positive impact on the real estate market in the region. The demand for residential and commercial properties is expected to rise with the anticipated increase in job opportunities and payments in the near future. The upcoming Jewar Airport, which is expected to be a massive airport catering to multinational corporations, is also expected to boost the economy and drive further development activities in Delhi NCR.

The increased presence of multinational corporations in Delhi NCR is likely to create a ripple effect on the local economy, leading to an increase in consumer spending, infrastructure development, and overall economic growth. This, in turn, is expected to drive the demand for real estate properties in the region, including both residential and commercial properties.

The real estate industry in Delhi NCR is expected to witness a surge in development activities to cater to the growing demand. This may include the construction of new office spaces, commercial complexes, and residential projects to accommodate the rising population of working professionals. The increased economic activities in the region are also likely to attract real estate investments, both from domestic and international investors, further driving the growth of the real estate market in Delhi NCR. However, it's important to note that rapid development and increased demand for real estate can also pose challenges such as increased property prices, congestion, and strain on existing infrastructure. Proper planning and regulations need to be in place to ensure sustainable and balanced growth in the real estate sector, taking into consideration the needs of the local population and the impact on the environment.

Overall, the growth of multinational corporations and the anticipated increase in job opportunities and payments in Delhi and Delhi NCR are expected to have a positive impact on the real estate industry in the region, with increased demand for both residential and commercial properties, and driving further development activities to cater to the rising needs of the market.

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"A key aspect of shaping a better future is sustainability"

Some major points which make the future look reality:-

  1. Increasing job opportunities: Delhi and Delhi NCR are witnessing a rise in job opportunities with the establishment of international corporations and the development of advanced infrastructure. This is leading to an increase in demand for residential and commercial real estate, making it a favorable investment opportunity.

  2. Development of advanced housing developments: The growth of advanced housing developments in Delhi NCR, coupled with the changing lifestyle of people in metro cities, has led to an increase in real estate investments. The demand for modern amenities and luxury living is driving the development of high-quality residential projects, making it an attractive investment choice.

  3. Rise of supermarkets and shopping malls: The arrival of large supermarkets and shopping malls in Delhi and Delhi NCR has increased the demand for commercial real estate. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, making it a promising investment opportunity.

  4. Expected rise in real estate values: Despite the ups and downs in the real estate market, Delhi NCR is expected to witness steady growth in real estate values in the coming years. The ongoing efforts to build advanced infrastructure, the arrival of the Jewar Airport, and the increasing job opportunities are expected to boost the real estate industry in the region.

  5. Emerging real estate locations: Delhi and Delhi NCR offer several emerging real estate locations that are still relatively affordable compared to established areas. These emerging locations have the potential for high appreciation in property values, making them attractive options for investment.

A map which pinned various location.
"Top emerging real estate locations"

As of 2023, here are some top emerging real estate locations to consider for investment in Delhi and Delhi NCR (National Capital Region):

New Gurgaon, also known as Sector-82 and Sector-92, is emerging as a prominent real estate destination in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. Several real estate developers and builders are showing keen interest in this area due to its strategic location and excellent connectivity.

One of the major factors contributing to the growing popularity of New Gurgaon is its connectivity. The Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway, NH-8 (National Highway 8), and the Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway connect this area to other parts of the NCR. This makes it easily accessible from Manesar, Gurgaon, and other adjoining areas, making it a preferred choice for both builders and homebuyers.

The KMP Expressway, which is an ambitious infrastructure project, aims to provide seamless connectivity between Kundli in Haryana, Manesar in Gurgaon, and Palwal in Uttar Pradesh. This has led to increased interest from real estate developers as it is expected to boost economic and infrastructural growth in the region, making New Gurgaon a prime location for real estate investment.

In addition, the NH-8 and Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway are well-established highways that connect New Gurgaon to key business hubs, commercial centers, and popular residential areas in Gurgaon and Delhi. This makes it convenient for commuters and residents to travel to their workplaces and other parts of the city.

The availability of affordable land and favorable government policies for real estate development in New Gurgaon has also attracted builders and investors. This area offers a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial properties, providing ample opportunities for real estate development and investment.

New Gurgaon is also witnessing rapid social and civic infrastructure development, with the establishment of schools, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment centers, and other amenities. This has further fueled the demand for residential and commercial properties in the area.

Overall, the excellent connectivity, strategic location, affordable land prices, and favorable government policies Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and Affordable Rental Housing Complexes (ARHC) Scheme make New Gurgaon an attractive destination for real estate developers and homebuyers alike. The growth prospects and potential for appreciation in property values make it a promising investment option in the NCR real estate market.

In conclusion, the increasing job opportunities, growth of Fortune 100 companies, development of advanced housing projects, rise of supermarkets and shopping malls, expected rise in real estate values, and emerging real estate locations make Delhi and Delhi NCR promising investment destinations in the real estate market. However, it is important to conduct thorough research, consult with experts, and evaluate the risks before making any investment decision.

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