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  • What is a property title?
    A property title is a legal document that proves ownership of a property. It contains information such as the property's legal description, the name of the owner, and any liens or encumbrances on the property
  • How do I find a good real estate agent?
    Ask for referrals from friends and family, and research agents online to find a reputable one with experience in your desired area.
  • Where should I look for houses?
    The answer to this question is determined by a variety of factors, including your budget, desired location, and personal preferences.
  • How much can I afford to spend on a house?
    Determining how much you can afford to spend on a house depends on several factors, including your income, debt, expenses, and savings.
  • How do I get a mortgage?
    To get a mortgage, you must make an application to a lender, provide financial details and supporting documentation, and pass a credit report and home appraisal.
  • How do I make an offer on a house?
    Make a formal offer through your real estate agent or directly to the seller's agent with a proposed purchase price, contingencies, and a deadline for a response.
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